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Stone Nobles formed at the University of Rhode Island in January of 2019.  Its original members include Ross Mags (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Brody Silver (Now drums, formerly lead guitar, vocals), and Davy Charr (bass). After passing through several temporary percussionists, October 2019 found the talented multi-instrumentalist, Brody Silver, stepping up to man the drums. In September of 2020, the Nobles gained lead guitarist and vocalist, Lancer Steele, who had performed with Silver in their previous band, Blynd Rooster. Solidified as a four-piece, this current Stone Nobles line-up has made a vow to the gods of rock'n'roll that wherever they may roam, heads will bang and bras will fly.  ​


Defined by catchy, hard-hitting riffs, along with Mags' wailing vocals, it’s evident that Stone Nobles have taken tremendous influence from the great rock era of the 1970’s. Aside from their cover of The Neighborhoods’ Pure and Easy (July 2020), the Nobles have released three original songs over the course of their inaugural year. The group's greatest success to date is their second single, Child of the Night (March 2019), which has amassed over 240 thousand streams and counting on Spotify. Sandwiched between their initial release, Magnetic Woman (September 2019), and Steele's debut in Plaything (December 2020), Child has received its most recent attention in the form of a live music video, released by the quartet on Christmas of 2020.

The Nobles have a new single, Zombie Lullaby, due to release on July 23, 2021. They aspire to complete an EP of corresponding theme by the end of the year. Stone Nobles music can be found on all major streaming platforms.

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