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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Much like other modern entertainers, Stone Nobles gained their initial following through an online presence. Their social media content is mainly created by lead singer, Ross Mags, who sports his full name on TikTok: @rossmagliocco

Back in May of 2020, Mags posted a TikTok video promoting Stone Nobles' recent release, Child of the Night. By the grace of the internet, this video gained viral traction and gave Child a heavy boost in listeners, not to mention a new found popularity for Mags' rock'n'roll themed content.

Over a month after its launch, that video had compiled over 50 thousand likes and Child of the Night had surpassed 100 thousand streams on Spotify. On May 28, 2020, local Rhode Island news program, "The Rhode Show," conducted a virtual interview with the band to recognize their accomplishment. The current members at the time -Ross Mags, Davy Charr, and Brody Silver- spoke about the revival of rock music in popular culture and their aspirations for the future.


View the interview here:

"Our digital reporter, Emily Gibbs sits down to chat with the “Stone Nobles”, a classic rock band out of Lincoln, Rhode Island. They’ve gone viral on the app, TikTok with more than 21,000 views on their video. Hear more about the band and the passion behind the music in this Rhode Extra!" - The Rhode Show, May 29, 2020


Fast forward to January 2021, that first viral video (which would not be the last) has over 189 thousand views. Also, Mags' TikTok account now has an impressive 4 million likes, supported by 136.4 thousand followers. This online army has boosted Child of the Night past 220 thousand streams on Spotify, a mighty feat for a small band. It seems the Nobles have found their niche within the social media jungle and are shooting for the stars.

All Stone Nobles streaming platforms, including Ross Mags' TikTok, can be accessed in the link bar located in the footer of the official band website.

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