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The Saga So Far...

Stone Nobles formed at the University of Rhode Island in January of 2019.  Its original members included Ross Reign (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Brody Silver (Now drums/vocals, formerly lead guitar), and Davy Charr (formerly bass).  After passing through several temporary percussionists, October 2019 found the talented multi-instrumentalist, Brody Silver, stepping up to man the drums.  In their inaugural year, the Nobles released three singles:  Magnetic Woman (Sept. 2019), Child of the Night (March 2020), and a cover of The Neighborhoods' Pure and Easy (July 2020).

In September of 2020, Stone Nobles gained lead guitarist and vocalist Lancer Steele, who had performed with Silver in their previous band, Blynd Rooster.  This foursome would continue through 2022, releasing Plaything (Dec. 2020), and a demo of Zombie Lullaby (July 2021) which would be re-recorded for their first full Length EP, The Rider (Sept. 2022).  The Rider serves as a gruesome and heavy contrast to their previous work, featuring classic heavy metal influence across six tracks:  Kerosene, Zombie Lullaby, Tempt Me, Pandemonic, Tarantula Breath, and The Rider.  This release marks a major point of development for the Nobles, inspiring them to incorporate a wider variety of rock and metal into their writing and performances.


bassist Davy Charr departed the band in January 2023.  The Nobles have continued to record new material and are preparing for more shows and releases this summer 2023.

Stone Nobles music can be found on all major streaming platforms. Be on the lookout for their newest single, and their newest band member...

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