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The Saga So Far...

Our story takes place here and now.  Panic sweeps across the land as monotonous monsters inflict pain upon the tired eardrums of innocent listeners.  Fortunately, the Universe has decided that the best remedy for evil is a healthy dose of head-banging and ass-shaking. Summoned from their ancient graves, Stone Nobles have been reincarnated to deliver the world into musical rapture.

Introducing our heroes:  Ross Reign the King of Hearts (rhythm guitar/lead vox), Lancer Steele the King of Spades (lead guitar/lead vox), Coyote Kaiser the Duke of Diamonds (bass/vox), and Brody Silver the King of Clubs (drums/vox).  Inspired by visions of their past lives, every noble tune recounts dreams and nightmares once rooted in reality.  From tales of lost loved ones to supernatural plagues, each incarnation brings the band closer to unlocking the secrets of mankind's artistic survival...

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